An Internet Filtering Appliance Will Protect Your Network

Today, it’s necessary that you monitor and control your employees' Internet access. According to the IDC report, over 40% of all companies' Internet usage is non-work related. Furthermore, the report indicates that 90% of employees' computers harbor spyware they have downloaded from the Internet. 

Furthermore, according to Office Slacker Stats, a company that has 1,000 Internet users will lose over $35 million annually because of Internet abuse. Company employees download video clips, music, and visit inappropriate websites during business hours. This abuse erodes the bandwidth and leaves your company’s network vulnerable to Trojans, malware, and malicious programs. 

To maintain the proper security levels on your network, it is mandatory that you monitor your employees' Internet access. This protects your company against spyware, Malware, Trojans and security breaches. A dedicated filtering appliance or software-based filter will monitor and control your Internet activities. The appliance or software-based filters can enforce your company’s “Acceptable Usage Policy”. Furthermore the filter will block site access, monitor Internet activities, and report inappropriate behavior.

Dedicated Appliance Filtering

A dedicated filtering appliance offers stability, accuracy, reliability and security. Any network tech can easily check the IP address and IM requests on the network. Afterwards, he can compare the list against the approved and non-approved sites. The appliance automatically updates the restricted website listings. The dedicated filter appliance blocks all non-approved websites from employees. Furthermore, if someone tries to access a non-approved website the filter blocks the bandwidth for this request.

Software-Based Filtering

A software-based filter needs to integrate with your network’s OS. The program could cause stability and security problems on your network. Your network performance starts to degrade because of the software-base filter. The more Internet connections on the network, the more the filter degrades your network.  A software-based filter is hard to scale due to the increased load on your host network.

Dedicate Appliance Filtering Benefits

The dedicated appliance uses a pass-by-technology that prevents a single-point failure or slowdowns on your network. Maintenance problems are not an issue because the appliance receives fluid updates.

Software-Based Filtering Disadvantages

A software filter checks all requests on the network. This causes a bottleneck and creates a single point of failure. Once the bottleneck becomes overwhelmed, it crashes. Therefore, all Internet traffic is blocked on your network. 


A dedicated Internet filter saves money, time and maintenance. The device maintains your database. Furthermore, it is easy to upload new protocols, site restrictions, and block port-hopping between servers. However, a software-based filter needs manual updates and takes longer to configure the restricted sites. With a software-based filter, the network’s Internet traffic travels through a single point. Therefore, updates and adding new website restrictions take longer to configure. 


Companies need an Internet filter to monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic on the Internet. Internet filters protect your company, employees, and block restricted sites. Furthermore, your company is protected against financial, legal and security ramifications. The filter protects your company assets, reputation and network bandwidth usage.


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