Email Marketing Is Still Better than Social Media in Lead Generation

Social media is an incredible marketing tool and can be used by businesses to connect with their clients on a greater level than ever before. It can boost sales of your products and services, provide valuable feedback to improve your marketing strategies, and is also a great way to network with other companies and promote your brand. In fact, social media is such an effective form of digital marketing that it’s almost impossible for a business to remain competitive in this day and age without some form of online presence. However, social media isn’t the be-all and end-all of digital marketing, particularly when it comes to lead generation. In this field, email marketing is still the king.

The amount of leads generated by email marketing excessively surpass the amount generated by sites like Facebook or Twitter. A recent study performed by McKinsey and Company, a digital marketing management organization, proved this notion and showed email conversion rates to be approximately forty times higher than those from social media networks. Customers are also three times more likely to make a purchase after receiving an email than via a social network post. These results confirm that social media still has some way to go in terms of lead generation, and that companies simply cannot afford to ignore the power of email marketing.

How can emails still be so effective? Well, one big reason is that emails remain concise and to-the-point, whereas social media can often become flooded with content that ends up confusing the consumer. Twitter accounts and Facebook pages can post dozens, if not hundreds of unrelated articles and links every single day, and hundreds of thousands of companies all around the world are constantly posting more and more content. This means that your company’s content can quickly become lost in the sea of status updates. Meanwhile, with an email, you can ensure that your presence is felt and your message has been delivered.

It’s also important to remember that on a site like Twitter, you are fairly limited in your marketing approach by the confines of the website; users of Twitter can only post in 140 character bursts and it can be particularly hard or even impossible to limit your promotion marketing material to such short sentences. In addition, people who follow you on social media may not actually be all that interested in your products and services, which leads to lower lead generation rates. It’s easy for consumers to follow dozens of brands and products without much thought, but opting in to receiving regular emails from your company is a bigger decision. If someone subscribes to your emails, it means they have a more solid interest in your business and are more likely to make purchases from you.

It’s clear to see that our use of social media for digital marketing still has some way to go; methods need to be refined in order to generate optimum conversion rates. In the meantime, email marketing is still the best way for companies to build a network of loyal customers and enjoy top levels of lead generation.

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