How to Ensure Your Business Is Efficient With Production and Maintenance

Efficiency is one of the keys to success within the manufacturing industry. Having smooth running production and maintenance operations is critical for financial success for any manufacturer. Below explains four ways to ensure that your business is efficient with production and maintenance operations.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing originally began in Japan during the 1990’s within the car manufacturing industries. However, the principles have been embraced by manufacturers around the world. One of the central principles is the concept of waste reduction through understanding what does and doesn’t add value. Major sources of waste include transportation, motion, waiting and over processing and production.

Quality Control

While lean manufacturing can reduce different aspects of production waste, quality control is essential to ensure product consistency, smooth processes and high performance. For example, Six Sigma is a group of tools and techniques to improve the quality of business processes. This is accomplished through continuous improvement, analytics and commitment from the entire workforce. For example, engineers are able to use statistical quality control (SQC) to measure, evaluate and improve processes.

Quality Committee

Consider creating a quality circle, or team or different employees who are empowered to improve business operations. Members should come from different levels, such as production workers, maintenance and management. Encourage the quality committee to investigate reoccurring problems and independently propose solutions.

Preventative Maintenance

Within most maintenance departments, the saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” does not apply. That is, all equipment and machines have set, preventative maintenance schedules that must be followed. As a result, production companies are able to predict and manage the end life cycle of equipment and machine parts. This keeps production properly running and reduces the stress on the maintenance department. The last thing that any manufacturer wants is unexpected downtime, which will lead to loss of revenue and missed deadlines.

Train Employees

One of the biggest sources of inefficiency and poor quality is the lack of standardized training. Consider training departments to follow set procedures and processes. For example, consider establishing standard quality procedures which define each job task and break it down step-by-step. As a result, all existing employees will be held accountable and incoming employees will be properly trained.

Hire the Right People

Production and maintenance efficiency depends on the quality and efficiency of the staff. In fact, both of these depend on engineers to maintain, repair and manage complex production systems and the related maintenance. Be sure to hire qualified and educated engineers to keep your manufacturing business running smoothly. In addition to this, consider encouraging internal employees to continue their education. There are reputable civil engineering master's programs that can give employees the skills they need.

Production and maintenance efficiency can be improved through lean manufacturing principles, a quality control program, preventative maintenance and hiring and promoting the right people. It's important not to forget this vital part of running a business.

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