Integrating Video Chat To Your Websites

Is your company offering “Live Chat” to your customers? Today, people want answers when they shop on-line and with live chat they get just that. Integrating live chat into your website, blog, and Ecommercial stores increase sales for your business. Your customers want to speak to someone when making an important decision to buy your product. Nobody wants to call a 1-800 number and listen to all the choices before speaking with a customer service representative.

Add Live Chat for your Customers:

With live chat your company can provide immediate help for your clients. When your clients use your online chat they have the answers they seek immediately. In recent surveys they found that 90% of customers find live chat helpful. Another 63% said they would return to the website again that offered live chat. Live chat helps your client decide on the products you offer online. In the survey, 38% bought online based on the answers they received from live chat.

Live Chat can Save your Company Money:

When your company starts using live chat you reduce the cost of paying a contact center to answer your phones. Using live chat, one representative can handle multiple chats at the same time. You save money in not hiring more representatives to answer phone calls. Your employees will spend less time on the phone. Your representatives can multitask while speaking with your clients. Your company will benefit with increased sales and lower costs for call centers.

Increased Revenues for Your Business:

When a client needs answers on what they want to buy, they do not want to sit for hours on hold. They need immediate answers to make their final decision. With live chat your customers can speak with a representative and receive the answer they need. This increases sales for your company and increases your customer service. Your company benefits using live chat to help your clients make their sales. Many customers have difficulties understanding the final checkout. With live chat your representatives guide your clients through the process and complete the sales. During a live chat conversation your representatives sell other products to your customers. Your representatives speak to your clients and understand their needs. They offer other products to your clients that add to what they are looking for.

Using Live Chats Helps Frustrated Customer’s:

Many people want to buy a product online but are afraid it will not do what it claims. With live chat your representative can speak with your client to ease their frustrations and help them to make a decision. The live chat representative ensures your potential client that the product will perform as advertised. Another problem in online sales is the offered promotions and discounts. Many people who purchase online find that they do not receive their discount on promoted items. With live chat your representative is there to guarantee your client they will receive their discount. Live chat relieves the frustration and buying process of products online.

For increased sales, client satisfaction, and cost saving live chat is the answer for your business. Live chat has software applications for your website, blog, Ecommercial store, and mobile devices. To increase your employee production and time spent on the telephone check into live chat for your company today.

Sarah Johnston

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Sarah is an IT consultant with a degree in marketing. She enjoys helping others to learn the ins and outs of Internet, Website building and blogging.

Sarah Johnston

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