The Future is Bright for Mobile Marketing

Let's face it, we're living in a mobile age. You'd be hard-pressed to see anybody without a mobile device these days, and what's more, most of these devices are capable of connecting to the Internet. These things considered, the future does indeed look good for mobile marketing.

As the name suggests, mobile marketing is marketing that's done through mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Most of us are not strangers to this concept as we experience it most of the time when we play games or do searches in the form of ads. We can even receive emails or alerts regarding special promotions or new product releases.

The benefits to be gained through mobile technology are pretty clear, some of them being connectivity and access to huge amounts of information, which we have right at our fingertips. This platform is extremely full of potential for mobile marketing as there now exists a more direct line to literally millions of users all over the world.

Trends in Mobile Marketing

There are a number of trends that have shown significant progress lately. Let's take a more in-depth look at some of them and find out what some leaders in the mobile marketing industry have to say.

You just have to love it when people come up with names like "mobile wallet". It just makes it easier for the rest of us to get some idea what it does. As the name implies, it's sort of a digital replacement for your wallet, and so much more.

In some countries, this payment method is already being used. Instead of buying stuff traditionally using cash or credit cards, mobile devices can be used for transactions. Most smart phones and tablets have apps for this and they make use of a feature called NFC or near-field communication.

All users have to do is make selections regarding the desired payment method and then place their mobile devices near a terminal and that's it, payment is done. The race is on in this space, and some big names have already launched like Google Wallet and Apple's Passbook.

Advantages like ease and seamlessness of use have already been highlighted by Rachel Silva of Pep Boys. According to her, consumers are able to access mobile wallet coupons from their website and add any coupon to Google Wallet or Passbook. And so far, the success rate in the adoption of this system has been pretty high according to their surveys.

Matt Stringer, Men's Wearhouse Executive Vice President of Marketing, also shared the advantages they experienced with using mobile wallets. By simply adding a "Save to Wallet" option in their emails, they were able to increase customer engagements.

  • Sales Through Mobile

Adam Wood of Bayer shared that if the right content is laid out in the proper manner, the mobile platform gives users access to information and readily be able to share it with others, and he's totally right. That's the beauty of mobile. Anybody has easy access to information anytime and the spread of information is quicker thanks to greater interaction out in the field, thus potentially contributing to boost in sales.

  • Reward-based Mobile Advertising

This is a strategy used by companies to increase consumer engagement with their brands. Consumers receive rewards like virtual currency or coupons upon engagement. The likes of Unilever and The Weather Channel have already experienced the advantages of this strategy and we can expect this trend to continue in the years to come.

What the Future Holds for Mobile Advertising

Lootsie co-founder and CEO Marc Mitchell stated that as of today, there are already alternatives in advertising which focus more on quality rather than quantity. He predicted that in the future, developers and brands may collaborate to improve user experience. So we might enjoy mobile gaming or any other mobile activity without necessarily getting harassed by too many pop-up ads.

We can also expect mobile wallets to be more prominent in the near future. The convenience and ease of use as well as added security benefits of mobile wallets are just too good to pass up. The future of mobile advertising is looking bright indeed.

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The Future is Bright for Mobile Marketing

Let's face it, we're living in a mobile age. You'd be hard-pressed to see anybody without a mobile device these days, and what's more, most of these devices are capable of connecting to the Internet. These things considered, the future does indeed look good for mobile marketing.As t ... ...

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