Unhackable: How to Keep Your Company's Social Media Presence Secure

Social media marketing has become an absolute must for businesses that want to remain relevant. Through the past few years, there has been an increase in malicious activity conducted by unauthorized parties attempting to seize control of the social media accounts belonging to major organizations. For hackers, the greater the challenge, the greater the thrill, and social media provides a playground of potential obstacles. There are a number of tactics, from phishing scams to rogue applications. Keep your company's social media presence secure by following good judgment and smart tactics.

Social Media Management Platforms

Having a third party platform adds that extra layer of security, in addition to its central purpose of increasing social media productivity for your organization. These platforms provide team members with individual log-ins and not global ones, adding more security. The third party platforms can also prevent the creation of unified accounts so users only have access to a specific group of social media networks on a day-to-day basis.

Privacy Settings

A recent social networking survey commissioned by ESET found that two-thirds of respondents had concerns about social networking privacy issues, yet only 31% of those questioned took steps to update their privacy settings within the previous 90 days. Such lack of attention to your Facebook fan page, for example, makes an easier target for data and identity theft as well as social engineering. Take a few minutes to choose privacy settings that can make your site more secure.

Proper Training

When it comes to social media safety and security, human error is a common cause of risk. Employees introduce security problems by practicing poor judgment, clicking things that they shouldn't, oversharing confidential information, and generally having a lazy attitude toward security software. To reduce human error issues, have a select group of people or a competent person properly trained to be social media administrators. An Ottawa IT services professional reports that even companies with a full-time IT team may be at risk of a cyberattack, so you may want to consider installing additional protection for your company’s social media presence.

Data Protection

The concept of data protection is actually workable both ways. While your company should be careful about the data you collect from fans and customers, this discussion is more focused on internal protection of your company's data. Once your privacy settings are live, take technical control through use of encryption. Encryption is a tool that prevents data from getting into the wrong hands.

Hacking and data breeches have become a common issue but you can take steps to minimize the risk of being a victim. Through a combination of protective measures, proper training, and common sense, you can keep your company's social media presence secure.

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